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Plastic Free Packaging

1 April 2021

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All of our packaging is plastic free and is fully recyclable. We only use paper labels, glass and some steel all with a high level of recycled materials during its manufacture. All these can be recycled time and time again.

All our delivery boxes are made of cardboard and is held in place with paper tape. No more bubble wrap, no more plastic tapes. Just fully recyclable materials made from natural resources and not from hydrocarbons.

What about the rest of the farm?

It is difficult to avoid plastic completely, but we are reversing the trend of plastics in beekeeping.

We have for many years used wood beehives and wood internal frames. These are carbon neutral as not only can they be recycled (on site by our microorganism friends in the earth) but is completely sustainable. The amount of CO2 the trees have soaked up easily outweigh all the emissions from the manufacturing (cutting down, transporting and sawing) into useable parts.

We have invested in the past in poly hives which are made from polystyrene. At the time we thought that these would outperform wooden beehives in terms of keeping bees warm during the winter and thus reducing their stress and prolonging their lives, but this difference was negligible in the long term compared to wooden beehives.

We cannot definitely say that poly hives produce micro-plastics when rain falls on them, but a logical mind points that this must be the case on a minute scale. But rather than to throw and fill a landfill we will be using them until the end of their usability, hopefully another 10 years plus.

However, we will no longer be investing in any new polystyrene based products out of principle and only get new wooden beehives. This is part of our commitment to the environment both in terms of micro-plastics and trying not to use materials derived from hydrocarbons.

By using all wooden beehives we will remain on our 100% Carbon Neutral path and supplying YOU with Conscience Free raw Welsh Honey.


Plastic Free Packaging