Early flowers out

1 February 2021

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The spring has truly arrived! We have had spells of some really nice weather as well as the usual Welsh wind and rain causing flooding for some. The flowers have taken their cue and can be seen now quite easily. Snowdrops can be seen in flower, crocus, primrose, some bluebells, hazel trees and of course daffodils…. Well it would be Wales without them.

In terms of beekeeping it means us beekeepers start our long days again. Having spent the winter preparing for the year, cleaning and making parts its now time to check out our colonies well. Thankfully we have had very few losses this winter so it’s a good sign for the year ahead. Strong colonies now means a strong number of bees for the foraging ahead. So, for as long as nature provides the bees are nearly ready to get collecting fresh wild nectar in earnest!


Early flowers out